How to Update a Magellan GPS?

Magellan GPS

In this rapidly changing world, GPS devices have become an essential gadget for every individual. But, to get the most from the GPS device, it is important to update the Magellan GPS device regularly. Moreover, updating the GPS device is crucial as it would be beneficial for all users to find the destination at an unknown place quickly. Therefore, it is a bit tricky to update the Magellan GPS device, so to make it easy for all users, we have discussed the steps to update the GPS device.

Features of the Magellan GPS device

Before we discuss the steps for Magellan GPS Update, carefully get familiar with the features of the device. So, scroll and go through the information provided below to get aware of the Magellan GPS device’s features.

  • It allows the users to use the up-to-date version of their GPS.
  • It enables the users to reach their destination easily
  • It offers free-lifetime Map updates
  • It provides driver safety alerts
  • It has a safe driving mode
  • It provides users with real-time traffic updates
  • It has Bluetooth hands-free calling feature

So these all were the features of the Magellan GPS device. Now for all users, we will discuss the steps through which they can easily update the GPS device.

Steps to Update the Magellan GPS device

For all users who are not familiar with the steps to update the Magellan GPS device, for them, we have here talked about the easy and straightforward steps through which they can easily update their GPS device. Take a look at the steps discussed below and follow the same to update the GPS device successfully.

Note: All users are recommended to completely charge the Magellan GPS device before updating it to avoid any issue in the midway while updating. 

  • Open a preferred web browser and then go to the official website of Magellan.
  • After this, the website, under the “downloads” tab, tap on the content manager option.
  • Then carefully download the file on the system. 
  • Once the file gets downloaded, then click on the downloaded file and then start the installation procedure.
  • Now, wait till the installation procedure gets complete.
  • After this, carefully connect the GPS device with the system via USB cable.
  • After that, on the device, click on the “Check for updates” option. After this, the device will communicate with the content manager on the system and rectify any recent update.
  • If there is any latest update available and applicable, click on it to enable the installation.
  • After this, the device will run the installation and then inform the user that the update has been done successfully.
  • Note: If an upgrade to the software is required, then the device will remind for it.
  • Now after the installation gets complete, then the Magellan GPS device will restart itself.


GPS is a superb technology that enables the user globally to reach their destination quickly. The Magellan GPS device and other GPS devices help users save their time and fuel. But all users are recommended to make use of the updated device to get the latest updates of the road map, traffic light, ATM’s and other important information.

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